Jingle My Keys

Story Behind The Song

This song came out when some people who I had been close to burnt me pretty bad. I looked at the situation very hard and discovered that I had some good people who cared for me just a ways further down the road. So I grabbed my keys, told some people to g

Song Description

Jingle My Keys is a song about motion down lifes's highway. It asks you if it is worth sticking around if the situation is too painful, or is it better to walk away?

Song Length 4:13 Genre Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Cool Subject Video, Femininity
Similar Artists Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Jingle My Keys

Take me down the highway won?t you, just one more time
There?s some people that I?ve got to meet on down the line
Like a thorn of roses wrapped around your heart
It?s hard enough to finish but near impossible to start

Grab your coat and hat love and jump into the car
The shadows that were chasing, they can?t be very far
And the feeling that we?re under sometimes can be so strong
It?s hard enough to live when everything comes out wrong

Ooh can you feel it
Ooh can you hear it
Ooh can you see it
I jingle my keys and walk away

Fortune found us fighting off the flyers and the fools
Daily trips and market strips, the selling in the schools
And finding out that that was then and this is now
And finding out that you know why, you just don?t know how

Ch x2

Lyrics Rob Jenkins Music Rob Jenkins
Producer Rob Jenkins/Mike Formenti Publisher Rob Jenkins/Mike Formenti
Performance Something Else Label Quilted Fish Records
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