Take Me Home

Story Behind The Song

Loving a Long Hual Truck driver is no fun. You love the home coming and hate to see him go. You get use to it, but wish ya didnt have to

Song Description

Beautiful melodics that inchance and hypnotize your inner love to come forth. Its a call searching for love beyond all love.

Song Length 4:52 Genre R & B - Soul
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Take Me Home
By Tammara Breland
C P 2006
Take Me Home

Yeaha I find that when I am alone,I roam around the streets like a stone gone cold.

Vrs 1
I have traveled the world in search of my one true friend.
Even cross the seven seas. but now ,Im back again.
Been to the bottom of the oceans floors,
searching with a fine tooth comb.
Seems that Im forever looking for a pearl with no home.

Baby... come on, take me home.
Baby... come on, take me home.

Vrs 2.
Babe your like my diamond in the rough....
Untouched and pure, just needing to be buffed.
Your skin kissed by the rays of heavens light....
Kept safe tucked away, hidden from the worlds eyes.
So pure, hidden and yet, so marvelous yet not mine.
Your treasures untold for me to unfold.


Baby... come on, take me home.
Baby... come on, take me home.

Babe all I know is that I thinking of you.
The possiblility of me doing thangs I never knew to be true.
How can this be you say?
Ephoria of cloud nine, just from the though of your smile.
Got me anticipating the long miles..
And oh oh after while, after while....

Baby... come on, take me home.
Baby... come on, take me home.

Babe, come on take me, take me home, come on, take me home...

Lyrics Tammara Breland Music Nekarlo Chinnell
Producer Nikkota Don Publisher Tammara Breland
Label Tammara Breland

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