Christmas Package

Song Description

Christmas song, woman sings about not seeing love one in a while but still in love and longining to have him.

Song Length 4:10 Genre R & B - Soul
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Ecstatic, Moving Subject Boyfriend, Husband, Happiness
Language English Era 2000 and later


Christmas Package
Written Bye Tammara Breland

Intro: Welcome to the Blue Light room Ladies and gentleman.
Tonight your here to get a very special treat. Tammara Breland singing Christmas Package.

(oooh wa)

Vrs 1
So sad that the fires burn'N and the mistletoe is hung up high.
My baby gave me a call and said he cant come home tonight.
(Cant come home tonight).
There's Christmas snow on the ground and a fires burn'N in my heart
Whishing my baby could be here..
To open up packaging,loving and huging, and toss'N and Turn'N
(To open up packaging,loving and huging, and toss'N and Turn'N)

Vrs 2
My babe done told me he's sending me a package.
Told me not to worry said it be hear by chrismas Night.
My babe done told me he'de give me a clue...
Said its something I've been wanting for a long long time.
(Ooh wa)

(Music intro)

Christmas'es bells will be ringing there ring ting tingaling sounds.
Christmas choirs will be singing, merryment all around.
Oooh wa wa ooh, with this years Christmas news!
Oooh wa wa ooh, with this years Christmas news!

Now I dont know what it is, but it driving me wild!
Got me acting like a kid the eve before christmas night.
Now could it be diamonds a house or a car?
Sweet smelling perfume and candy are fine...
But I'de rather have my babe, Any Old Time!

Lyrics Tammara Breland Music Rodger Evans
Producer Rodger Evans Publisher Tammara Breland
Performance Tammara Breland Label Blackbox Music

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