My style is Neo Soul type of Blues Alto mixed with Suprano over smooth mellow tracks. My first CD ever was straight Blues /Jazz mixed called "Christmas Package. Christmas Package brings out a new twist to an era gone. Remembering back to the day of REAL SINGING with just tracks and NO additives. True music. Take a moment check me out and enjoy the sensious sounds of Simple Soul from DonDiva Soul.

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I just put up my Myspace page. Come check it out. I have a new video and also new songs listed. Join me at myspace and lets be friends.
Cant waite to see and hear from ya..come one come all.

Tammara Breland

I was born and raised in Seattle Wa. I quickly learned that words were a passion for me as I molded them with a talent that only God could give. I grew up singing in Church choirs, talent shows and Fund raising events and presentations all throughout seattle and the surrounding areas. There is nothing like the passion for singing especially when your helping others.

I write and singing for the love of it. I released a different sound of music with my first CD release called "Christmas Package" that was released by Black Box Music by Rodger Evens. With playful sounds of Jazz mixed with R &B, Christmas Package touched you deep down, while putting a twist to Christmas music. One cant help but feel the pulse of music when listening to a Simple Soul Song that was created in love by love and for love. I am currently working with some great artisit who together are releasing a mixed tape that has both Rap and R&B mixed with soul. My new group is called "Don DivaSoul". I hope you enjoy the experience of Simple Soul and come back for more.


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