B 17

Story Behind The Song

Spark wrote this song about her dad who was a belly gunner in a B 17.

Song Length 4:21 Genre Electronic - Dance, Pop - Dance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Subject History, Past
Similar Artists Janis Joplin Era 2000 and later

This sounds like it would be perfect for a video game! It sounds like something you would hear on a sports video game or in a racing game like a Need for Speed. The hook is repetitive and solid. Very nice and intense instrumental to listen to.

Original track, well mixed, nice sounds.

The robots are taking over! The robots are taking over! Runnnn!... here let me help you, you dropped your pizza... This is the Thrillboard 100 countdown right here on Channel XR67 beaming non-stop into your neural network and coming at you live! Get into the groove dude ... yes, we robots talk like that. Stay tuned as another fantastic episode of Jetsonia Gold is going to be nano-teching it's way into your phantasms. Go Jetsonia Gold!

All the melody lines work well together, the harmonic and melodic tone of the track. The in instrumentation uses a good range of instrument sound that all fit well with the track

I love it so fun great song

Music Spark Hartman Producer Rusty Newcomer
Publisher TimeLoom Publishing Performance Spark Hartman
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