The Tryst

Story Behind The Song

Medieval love song

Song Description

A queen falls in love with a servant and they meet in secret.When discovered by the king's henchmen they are incarcerated in the room for life. Centuries later, when visitors (tourists) visit the castle and try to gain entry into the room,they hear a ghostly warning.

Song Length 5:21 Genre Folk - Contemporary, World - Celtic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Troubled Subject Sadness
Similar Artists Loreena McKennitt Language English
Era Before 1600


The Tryst
A story hides behind these walls
Of a sweet forbidden kiss
A secrecy so dangerous
That death can't break the tryst
He came one day to call at court
To sing his minstrel songs
And with each note she fell in love
To him she would belong
Do not enter this special room
For my heart shall break
Do not enter 'tis sacrilege
And it's not yours to take

They met inside the servant's room
And pledged their love so true
In rapture they forgot the king
And all his wrath would do
They stole a moment here and there
And hours by and by
As winter turned around to spring
And the summer sun soared high

CH 2
There's no key to take you here
That can unlock a dream
You can't touch what you can't see
And it's not what it seems

Lead break

But then one day the autumn came
When trees were cold and bare
A henchman of his majesty
Caught the lovers there
And for such infidelity
The king decreed that she
Be locked up with her lover
For all eternity
CH 3
Do not try to free us now
We've found happiness
You can't unlock undying love
With all that you possess

Lyrics B King Music D King
Producer D King Publisher D King
Label Serundalmusic
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