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King Arthur's final journey to his resting place at Annwn (The Isle of Apples or Avalon)

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5 stars 5 out of 5 stars Dark Days White Knights Stunning arrangements beautiful vocals/lyrics I was introduced to Serundal when a friend bought me 'Leylines' for Christmas and I have been hooked ever since. I love Celtic music anyway, but sometimes struggle to find original music with vocals as most traditional tends to be instrumental, or 'drinking songs'. In my opinion Serundal surpasses Clannad for their range of themes, lyrical ability and truly haunting vocals. There is something truly magical about them and every album is different. For those who love Arthurian legend, storytelling and who love to be taken away into a forgotten lost world, this album does it all. Mystical, magical and mind-blowing. By wendy (Scotland, united kingdom)

Song Length 5:29 Genre Folk - Contemporary, World - Celtic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Serene, Moving Subject Spirituality, Sadness
Similar Artists Sarah Mclachlan Era Before 1600



Isle of glass and dreams
On our way to Annwn
On the silver sea
From the fire of Tor
Through the veil we pass
To a sunlit heaven
In a maiden's eye
All's forgiven

I shall not return again
For my quest is done I'm dying
I leave behind my earthly shell
From a methril gown my soul is flying

Down the ancient track
From the abbey's portals
Dodmen travelled here
From the land of mortals
There the holy thorn
And the chalice well
Saved me from the dark
And the jaws of hell

Apple Isle you call me on
And the fairy folk sing to me
Shimmering the waters run
Cascading falls of light are set free

Kingdom of my blood
Going back to Annwn
Like a changeling's face
Is never real
The present now is past
The future flows like rain
Cutting through the stone
And all mortal pain

For my God and king I've loved
Now my eyes are closed I witness
Visions of a realm above
As the light goes dim with swiftness

Lyrics B King Music D King
Producer D King Publisher D King
Performance Serundal (D & B King) Label serundalmusic
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