Whats True to me

Song Length 3:07 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Relaxed

Nice premise about the way we write. We go to bed and wake up with the lyrical and musical phrases.

Really enjoyed this.

Nice work.

Very accomplished guitar work highlights this songwriter's song.
I also like the harmony vocal popping in and out.
Tells it for all who attempt to tell life's stories!!!

Really loved this! great vocal, superb delivery, original voice with texture and honesty. I liked the way the arrangement didn't get in the way as can so often happen. The guitars were just perfect, playing off each others parts and drawing you into the mix.

This is really a fine, fine song that tackles a VERY thorny issue....songwriting. It is hard to write a song ABOUT writing a song and make it work, but, you did a truly GREAT job here. Your voice was spot-on intimate and warm. The guitar work was very tasty and nicely recorded. And the double vocal was perfect. Really nice song that works well live and would find a home in the right licensing opportunity.

Lyrics Charles Bunting Music Charles Bunting
Performance Railroad traxs productions
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