Me Against Myself

Song Description

I wrote this song one NEw Years night when I was feeling down about myself and who I had become. It is the ultimate song to listen to when I feel like I can't progress in life because in the end its always Me Against Myself.

Song Length 5:10 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Spirituality


Me Against Myself

My dreams are fading
Like a drifting satellite
Slowly falling farther
Each and every night
I hear myself screaming
It?s a sound that never dies
Like the echoes of an angel
Who never compromised

It?s just me

I chose this man I?ve become
My motivation died
A day a night a week a month
Gone before my eyes
All these words I have said
A million times before
I swear I am I will I can
Forgotten at the door

It?s just me against myself
It?s my heart against my mind
It?s the love and hate that burns inside
It?s the way I live my life
It?s just me against myself
Not the things you?ve done to me
It?s the war I seem to fight inside
When I?m feeling incomplete

I reach for my salvation
I?m alive but dead inside
I have been waiting
For my turn to die
As my dreams are fading
I finally realize
I need to nail my past to the cross
And pursue my dreams tonight


Very original and deeply introspective song. I like it alot. Good luck.

Very powerful song. This is quite a tour de force.
Nice drum programming,nice. Great power vocals.

Lyrics Sam Look Music Rodney Gene/Gunner
Producer Rodney Gene Performance Sam Look, Rodney Gene and Regan Bell AKA Gunner

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