The Cell

Song Description

Trapped inside yourself, it is discovered fighting your way out is the only chance at freedom.

Song Length 4:53 Genre Folk - Alternative, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Anxious Similar Artists The Velvet Underground,
Language English Era 2000 and later


"Wait inside," the voice replied, so I sit.
Not denied, but sterilized -- it fits.
So I sit and feel the motor's starts and fits,
slither toward undertaking, life insists.
Life insists.

The ills I've wrought, perils I'm fraught ferment.
Expose them one by one until I'm spent.
But time for lumination came and went,
more time for rumination's all I get.
It's all I get.

The choice I made to carry on
in spite of all of this,
I make again with every breath,
each echo drawn within.
A fight to win the very heart
I now profess to know,
on loan from force superior
to fend from force below.

The time arrived to set my mind and leave,
forgive my losses now without bereave.
I've held on far too long to gifts received,
visions over horizon left unseen.
Still left unseen.

And with each day another chance
to vindicate my self.
My penance paid, a little saved...
buy my way from this cell.
Tomorrow brings new occasion
to act on what I know.
Like metal shavings magnetized,
will draw me to my home.

I seek a freedom from myself,
that keeps my locked inside.
Competing forces battling,
and me know place to hide.
The thought occurs to me right now,
my one shot to be free,
is lead the charge with cannon fire,
and god hope peace bequeathed.

Lyrics Ryan Powers Boyle Music Ryan Powers Boyle
Producer Ryan Powers Boyle Label Far and Away Records

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