Song Length 4:26 Genre Rock - Modern, Folk - Rock



Ain?t it so ever clear
that the only sound you hear
comes in the sound of what?s at stake

and it?s all inside our minds
and the only saving grace
comes in the line that you take

i hear the words
so sliightly condisending
if you could only know how it feels
not to believe

so i maintain
sit back and take it slow
can?t let go
always looks easy till it?s high to low
and i maintain
think the words i want and then refrain
wont let go
never know all i need to know

i?ve seen a face
it?s all a scary dream
still a look that?s hard
to erase

i try to speak
from underneath the rumble
you always know
where to find me

i come to surface
but all the things i see
gonna make me cover my eyes
in disbelief

chorus (3 times)

Lyrics charley orlando Music charley orlando
Producer charley orlando/tom psipsikas Publisher magicwelkin music bmi
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Clean Clean

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