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“This stuff rocks. The harmonies in the choruses really make this special.”

“This is some solid stuff. Very engaging and "real" it is inspired and unique.”

“Years of experience show through here by the intricacies on these recordings and the attention to detail here. There are some tasty arrangement ideas throughout these tracks and a nice chemistry between the players on them. There is a knack for crafting choruses that effectively stand out from the verses and arrive with a release. There is some original lyrical imagery here that adds to the emotional impact of these tunes.”

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The Debut Album "The Dust That Lands" is now available for download and at www.cdbaby.com/cd/ruha

Unity Through Music

Ruha is a new band of familiar faces. Consisting of Charley Orlando (dexter grove), Todd Wright (dr. didg), Brad Schirmer (dr. didg), Cris Noel (small appliances), & Jim Loughlin (moe.). Between all of the members they have played Thousands of shows all over the world and released a couple dozen albums. The sound of Ruha is new and fresh and a total departure from all of the band members other projects. Concentrating on the music and lyrics and not the jam has brought this band to new place in rock music. The songs are driving and catchy with lyrics that speak to the world. Everybody is welcome at a Ruha show. The hope is to Unite people through music.

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