Song Length 4:45 Genre Rock - Modern, Folk - Rock



hide my feelings
coming out through my soul
got me running
sleeping tells me more
buried my own thoughts
underneath the truth
tore me out of me
cavin? in my roof

grey is the color
road winds up and down
people i don?t know
takin? me to town
drive in my own car
not this time around
long haired lady
lead without a sound

sister in motion
mind, spirit, harmony
cosmic consciousness
trinity, infinity
it?s a lesson learned
one i have yet to get
i?m a willing observer
my body has not set
not yet

open the doorway
comes from deep inside
no longer a dark edge
to block what you hide
relax and look within
it?s a positive sense
you?ve had since a child
ain?t no coinsidence

Lyrics charley orlando Music charley orlando
Producer charley orlando/tom psipsikas Publisher magicwelkin music bmi
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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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