Not My Job

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Global Warming seems to be no ones's fault but we are all to blame.

Song Length 4:45 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Era 2000 and later


It ain't my job, I ain't no slob, I'm an American, doing what I can
So the world is warming, I hear the warnings,
No one wants to start, we gotta see more pie charts
Someone's got to take lead, Figuring out what we need
Start doing what is best for us and not just for ourselves

Not my job says Johnny SUV
Barreling down the road doing 83
Drives a quarter mile for to get a cup of coffee
Why's everybody looking at me?

Not my job said Albert Gore
Flies a private jet from shore to shore
Got a house the size of Ecuador
What do you think they gave me the Nobel for?

Not my job says the developer
Just trying to help the poor land owner
If you wanna stop us we're gonna to fight
Cause wrecking land's a God given right

Not my job says the environmentalist
But now he's gotta deal with a brand new twist
Cause if he wants to go out and save the world
Travelling still takes fossil fuel

It ain't my job to try to save the earth
Something big's going to have to hit me right side of the head
It ain't fault if I'm only making it worse
So for now I'm just going to look the other way instead

I don't think we're gonna get a pass
God's gonna have to kick us all in the ass to move
Until he does I'll be the same
I just need someone else to blame

Not my job says the conservative
How much more am I supposed to give
The earth's been warming all its own
You people just want more regulation

Not my job says the liberal
Can't tell you how much I loves thie world
I'll do anything to please
But don't you dare take away my luxuries

Not my job says the American
Got God and the flag wrapped around him
Pretty sure it ain't a sin
Didn't God give us dominion?

Not my job said Ed Thomas
Got a minivan the size of a Greyhound Bus
He don't know what's all the fuss
Just doing stuff like the rest of us

Not my job says fill your name in here
We all got nothing to fear
By the time it hits the fan we'll all be dead
We'll leave it all for our kid's kids instead

It's Russia, China, it's Tunisia (Arabic), global amnesia
Ne Moya Ra'bota, Bu Shi wo de gongzu-ah, laisa Dawry
It's Germany, it's Turkey, it's Mexico but it ain't yo
Nischtt mein job, Benim isim degil, No mi trabajo
Mauritania, Albania, Lithuania, I'm going insania
Mou shighli (Arabic) Jo punen time, Ne mano darbas
It's where they speak Swahili, where they speak Hindi,
La angu kazi Mera kaam nahi hey
where they speak Francois. but it ain't moi
Pas mon emploi
It's where they speak .... where they speak ......
Otnay Imay ObJay, Aint My Job Aint my Job
It's where they speak ......You ain't making no sense man

Lyrics Ed Thomas Music Ed Thomas
Producer Zac Cataldo
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