Childrens Books

Story Behind The Song

Was reading story to my son and thought 'Why can't the world be like this?'

Song Description

Lament about why the world can't be like the one in childrens books.

Song Length 4:40 Genre Folk - Rock, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Life
Language English


No one ever cheats at any kind of game
No one ever calls other people names
No one has a need to complain
A band-aid will fix up all your pain

Everyone gets birthday toys
No one ever ever hurts their boys
There's always a mommy to make things right
When the demons come out in the darkest nights

The family is always strong
Everyone knows right from wrong
No one ever sings a sad song
Everyone feels like they belong

The kids are never fighting and grownups are never crooks
The firemen's never cranky never giving dirty looks
Why can't the world be like the one in children's books.

No one gets ahead by making others look bad
No one's ever happy when others are sad
When people start to go down hill
It's on a sled or a bicycle

When people drink too much it means the cool-aid's gone
Everyone has a yard with a lawn
No one gets thrown out in the cold
With all their possessions in the road

The daddy never leaves his wife
No one's barely hanging on for life
Only boy scouts carry knives
People really live they don't just survive

And no one lives like they're buried alive
Always wiping Mother Earth's dirt from their eyes
Instead of laws and scient and bibles I wish the world was base on childrens books

My life's been like a thousand books
With some happy stories some I want to overlook
We can only pray for a storybook end
Unil then we can only pretend

That the streets are never dangerous the sidewalks are always clean
No one has their nose in the air, No one's ever mean
Why can't the world be like the one in children's books

Lyrics Edward Thomas Music Edward Thomas
Producer Zac Cataldo
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