Hobos in Disguise

Song Description

This song is about how tenuous are lives are. Everything could be gone in a flash.

Song Length 5:19 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried, Restless Subject General, Loneliness
Similar Artists Bob Dylan, John Lennon Language English
Era 2000 and later


Hobos in Disguise

Sometimes I feel I am a hobo kind of man
And when I look out at this old world it seems everyone's on the lam
Can't help but feel my roots bout as deep as a barroom drunk
And this place called home, is just a huge travelling trunk
Never cooked a stolen chicken on an open flame and but I hungered for something better than these silly human games
Never had the cops on my tail but I built my own little jails (if you look kinda close)

Sometimes I feel I am a sailor kind of man
And I'm sloshing around on a ship and I'm never ever gonna find land
70 mile an hour gales can get you moving or rip your sails
If you know how to navigate you might live to tell the tale...Chord ok?
Everything I need is in this duffle bag and everything else has got a huge price tag
Every port I been to looks like every other port that I been to (if you look kind of close)

This see-saw I ride is as steady as it gets
Good fortune can go up in smoke like a hand rolled cigarette
I thought life would be all baseball and apple pies
We're all just a bunch of hobos in disguise

Sometimes I feel I am a cowboy kind of man
And when I get out on the range the world is my mustang
It might kick and buck and throw me to the ground
But I'll get back on that bronco and turn everything back around
If I'm hogtied on my knees and I'm just about beat
It only forces me back to my feet.
The world is a big and wild plain and I'm gonna keep dry even if it rains
I'm always watching out for things circling my wagon trains (if you look kind of close)

Politicians musicians beauticians morticians,
Programmers, mail spammers, big guys with jackhammers
Policemen, firemen, mailmen and madmen
Are all hobos (if you look kinda close)

Teachers and preachers and cooks at Arthur Treachers
Medical technologists my favorite are Neurologists
Bank tellers, good fellas and guys who write best sellers
Journalists and lobbyists and UFOologists
Bakers and fakers and all those money makers
Shoe shiners, coal miners and bands on ocean liners
Are all sailors and transients and cowboys and vagrants, and
Winos and junkys and weirdos and flunkies in disguise (if you look kind of close)

Lyrics Ed Thomas Music Ed Thomas
Producer Zac Caltaldo nighttrainstudios.com Performance Ed Thomas
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