Make The World A Better Place

Story Behind The Song

The idea came to me from the disagreements that people have about their beliefs.

Song Description

Someone trying to write a song to make everyone happy.

Song Length 3:49 Genre Pop - Alternative, Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Sociable, Diplomatic
Subject Life, Hope Language English


I tried to write a song to make the world a better place
A song to bring peace and joy to the whole human race.
A song to make the sad people happy for a while.
A song to make the angry ones laugh and joke and smile.

I worked real hard on that song, I worked both day and night.
I worked for fifteen lonely years, trying to get it right.
I lost my job, I lost my house and then I lost my wife.
But I knew I had to finish it no matter what the price.

If we all could get along
Get together and sing a song
Forget our troubles, let 'em be
You be you and I'll be me

I traveled lands both near and far to learn all that I could.
Looking for anything that makes us all feel good.
I talked to the Delhi Lama, Shamans and the Pope.
I asked them all what I could say to give the world some hope.

They looked at me in awe and said that's a mighty task.
Of all the questions in the world that one was never asked.
They shared the power of love and the meaning of life.
Secrets of the universe, what's wrong and what is right.

And if we all could get along
Get together and sing a song
Forget our troubles, and let 'em be
You be you and I'll be me

I talked to the very rich and they said that it was wealth.
Then the poor man he told me, I need to be myself.
I studied all religions and prayed to their deities
Then one day it hit me, I had an epiphany.

And it doesn't matter who you are
It doesn't matter what you do
Just so long as you're happy
Whatever it is, it's up to you

Yea, whatever trips your trigger or floats your boat.
Peace, love and hope.
Whatever tickles your fancy or lights your candle.
Sex, drugs and rock and roll.
Whatever pings your pong or toots your horn.
Yea, whatever makes you happy man.
Whatever makes you happy man, just don't do anything bad.
If it makes you happy, if it makes you happy.

The message that the song was sending was very good, uplifting, definitely the kind of thing people like to listen to these days.

Love the positive message!

Lyrics Ricky John Brown Music Ricky John Brown
Producer Ricky John Brown

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