See the Unseen

Song Length 4:05 Genre Rock - General


see the unseen

sweetest sound
hear it blow
through the suns
and the snows
round and round
and back again
the journey is
to find the friend

so sad blue day
we feel so sad when we see this way

where is the time?
where did it go?
waves of light
look at us glow

where is the love?
o where did it go?
why didn't i feel
letting love flow?

into the stars
into the glow
sparkling diamonds
enlightened souls
round and round
back again
you know this journey
has no end

with love we'll soar till we are free
and sail our souls to victory

you know, if this were the end of the road
with all of my tears
i'd be letting love show

so look around us
do we see the rainbow?
with all of our hearts
let's grow love like a rose

the wisest see the unseen

Lyrics Richard Sosa Music Richard Sosa
Producer Richard Sosa Performance Richard Sosa

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