Song Length 3:42 Genre Rock - General


i'm spinning a sun
of memorays
i'm walking the web
of my mistakes
i'm learning to run
from memorays
oh how i blush
on the sinter stage

i'd like to run away
i'd like to run away

but you just cant walk away
you just cant run away
you just cant make a wish
and make them go away

i'm swimming in salt
with memorays
i'm burning 'em off
of my display

i'm learning to walk
on a lemon ray
straw hat
and a
sugar cane

i'd love to fly away
i'd love to fly away

dude, you can't block the sun
your deeds of yesterday
but you can fly away
love-paint a brighter ray

i want a future of sugar rays

remembering days gone by
summer in my eyes
now i know
i learned
i know
it was me whom i despise

all the while i lost the way
(the way = respectful sugar rays)

Lyrics Richard John Sosa-sample Lenny Kravitz Music Richard John Sosa - sample Lenny Kravitz
Producer Richard John Sosa Performance Richard John Sosa

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