Song Length 3:34 Genre Rock - Alternative, Folk - Rock


I've sunk down to the bottom
And I'm wearing my lead shoes
And you don't want to touch me
When I'm giving you this news
And I've not seen much of anything today
That would make me feel like floating

I lay down in the seaweed
Ophelia is my kin
Warm water closed around me
And I felt like I was naked in the darkness
In the belly of my earth mother
Waiting to be reborn

I am sadness
I am pity
And my spirit's not pretty
At this moment in the darkness
With the weeds all in my hair
Mixing metaphors and saying nothing clever
Because I don't really care

I've gone down to the bottom
Dark angel touched my cheek
There's no room with the living
For the one's with poisoned sleep
Temptation and the voices that are with me ever now
Please pay no attention to the man behind the plow
No one can pull me up
I've got nowhere to go
But low

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