Song Length 4:26 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Americana
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Poignant
Subject Home Similar Artists Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo, Jason Isbell, Steve Earle,
Language English


I was born in the winter in 1943
A dried-out little town, my older brother and me
Our Daddy used to beat us and our Mother couldn't see
My brother left there the day he turned 17

There were two filling stations, Daddy owned one
Two gins, two stores and the West Texas sun
The churches, the school and the old Stockman's Bank
Our town was fading, we had the railroad to thank

My mind was expanding beyond all understanding
Creation and beautiful things
Building it bigger, escaping the small
Sometimes I don't even miss that town at all

I'll skip the middle for the sake of the song
Time slips away and there's too much to say
But I lived how I wanted and I got what I needed
And somehow I never had the Devil to pay

Now that town of 500 has shrunk to 52
In the lifetime I've managed to stay away
Wheezing and gasping and lost in time laughing
And sunlight that causes the burlap to fray

I am everywhere and I'm nowhere
I'm high and I'm low
I'm lost and I need to come home
Don't get excited but you're all invited
Keep your eye on the gauge as you roll
I am everything, I'm nothing and I'm all in between
Creation and beautiful things
That fillin' station's gone, I hope your tank is full
As you head off down the long road
To my West Texas funeral.

Lyrics Jay Wetmore Music Jay Wetmore
Producer Ron Gassman Publisher Elise Fillpot
Performance Jay Wetmore and Elise Fillpot
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