1249 Miles

Song Length 4:18 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi


I have a feeling I can't explain
Something definitely sparking onboard my plane
Down to the wire
Down to the earth
Your window's broken
They stole your purse
Now that you're gone
I think I should complain

1249 miles
And I'm getting closer

I packed up my stuff and I lashed it down
My junk is heavy
Barely made the grade out of town
I got no road map, only this invisible string
I got no AAA, life is such a curious thing
Sidesplitting wind gust rattled my cage
I'm Jed Clampett driving my rig to the grain

And getting closer

I know you don't want me
And I'm a lot like the others
But your life is a lot like a bad Alanis Morissette song
And I'm coming anyway


Sun at my back
Alpenglow on the west side of the Medicine Bows
Fort Collins, greasy bite spend the night
624 miles

And I'm getting closer

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