George Ott

Song Length 4:14 Genre Country - Alternative, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi


George Ott smokes a lot and where he breathes he's got a spot
And he smokes 3 packs in just five hours
Then he goes and waters flowers
George Ott drinks a lot and always says he can stop
A case a day is all he has
But if he drinks hard liquor he's gonna kick your ass
Just for fun
And he's not too young

George Ott with his Queen of Sheba
Sits out back in a drunken stupor
And when she barks he yanks her chain
And mumbles someone else's name
On and on just like she's human
She's just trying to keep on moving
To avoid the blows he has in store
Now she's scratching at the door
'Cause she can't understand his voice command

George Ott, you were my neighbor
Now you've done yourself a favor and left this world
Now I'm cleaning out your house today
Finding shit to throw away
A cockroach here and a cockroach there
A cockroach drinking Old Milwaukee beer
You got nothing to fear
It's all so clear

This was your life

You got no kids to miss you
You got no wife to kiss you
They all died in the crash
Twenty years ago
At last you got your freedom
Pretty soon you'll meet 'em
And you can tell them of your tortured life
Apologize to your wife
And tell her how it feels
To be drunk behind the wheel
This was your life

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