Another Lost Highway

Song Length 3:44 Genre Rock - Alternative, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


There's a sky I've never been under
Near a town on a distant highway
Lost highway running both ways now
Both ways look the same to me
From a distance I can see

Indecision in the back seat
Wind in what's left of my hair
Not sure quite where I'm going
But I think pretty soon I'll be there

I'm not sure I'd distract me now
If I were you
Somehow I've lost my way

Cruising in a room with a view
Got nobody telling me what to do
With vapor and fumes I'm running on a lost highway

Not sure I could turn back now
It's much too late
I guess I found my way

Watching as the sky turns to rain
Wiper motor humming a lonesome refrain
Rattletrap rumble
I'm running on a lost highway

Lyrics Jay Wetmore Music Jay Wetmore
Producer Jay Wetmore Publisher Jay Wetmore
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