Zero @#$%s Given (2018 Pop Ost)

Song Description

The bad news is I'm an @$$hole. The better news is "it's not terminal..." Yet.

Song Length 2:47 Genre Pop - Rock, Electronic - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood In High Spirits, Endearing Subject Encouragement, Determination
Similar Artists Hooty McBoob and the Inflatable Dates Language No Language
Era 2000 and later


Even when you are at your lowest point... The lows of the lows... There is good news.

You can only go up from there.

The past is in stone. None of us can go back and change a bad choice, a botched opportunity, or even some series of events gone wrong.

What we can do is apologise, atone, and move on. Accept the past and "move on."

You can't change it.

Like a pet dog that poops in its own yard... We should all be fortunate enough to find the mindset to just kick a little dirt over that turd and accept it happened.

Move on.

Apologise... And forgive yourself.

Embrace the mantra of "zero fucks given" and learn to forgive the things you can't change in life. Learn from your mistakes. Live on... Life forward... Don't let anything hold you back.

Just re-asses, get two feet planted firmly in reality, and adjust your course.


We can all do this... and likely function better for it.

You can't live in shame forever0001001010101010

Song itself has a ton of potential Nice chord progression and lots of dynamics mixed in to the nonstop energy. Really liked it.

Interesting piece with a nice mix of instruments and a really good arrangement. This could make good background in any number of projects.

Lyrics N.Jones Music N.Jones
Producer N.Jones Publisher Protilius Productions
Performance N.Jones Label Protilius Productions
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