Fighting Paradox (2016)

Story Behind The Song

The flash goes into season 3 knowing everything may be different now. How much pushback can he expect?

Song Length 3:14 Genre Electronic - Industrial
Similar Artists Blake Neely

I use to have a favorite toy when I was much younger. When I was a child it was all about Mr. Stretch Armstrong. The advertising for the toy was that it was indestructible. I tried. Over years, I tried. I really tried to stretch that strong toy to it's limits, but it never cracked, tore or broke! This piece of electronic industrial conglomeration of sounds, haunting pizzicato strings, calling violas, a quick repeating phase turkey gobbly dark sound and synthesized pulls reminds of ... yes! It took me back to those days when I would sit in the hot summer sun and stretch, stretch, stretch. All afternoon, I would sit, trying to get that toy destroyed! I guess when I was around 10, I lost Mr. Stretchy - my mom said a crow swooped down from the tree and took Mr. Stretchy away to stretchyland. Awwww...

Music N.Jones Producer N.Jones
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