Cosmic Catnip (2019 Demo)

Story Behind The Song

Cats on synthesizers in space.

Song Description

Super Duper!!!... The great Cosmic Catnip. Due to the nature of the contest we went with big open reverb spaces and delicious echo effects. Kittens were pitched, time shifted, gated, granulated, echoed, reverbed, reversed, and glitched to provide a quality CatNip experience. Our Neighbor's Kitty was featured among the samples, unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances she may never respond well to water guns again. My bad. (Shrills.) Music bed was fashioned to imitate a late 70's synth and electronic jam. I went for an authentic experience in this regard, but may have cheated a little with some filter work. Lead synth was performed live. Samples used: 110388__soundscalpel-com__animals-cat-meow-001. 79113__kyster__cat-meow-01. 123398__miastodzwiekow__eating-cats-250611. 138404__cameronmusic__cat-meow. 211687__taira-komori__cat1. 415209__inspectorj__cat-screaming-a. 167165__ultradust__cat-sounds-meow-and-purr . 172299__jslarve__diddlebopp-the-cat-meowing. 172639__telesik__cat. 213951__klangstrand__purrrrrr.

Song Length 4:20 Genre Electronic - Experimental
Music Protilius Productions Producer N.Jones
Performance Michael Snow
This track is on 9 Member Playlists
Playlist Creator Playlist Name Date Added
Cyndi Corkran Michael Snow 8/18/2019
Cyndi Corkran Electronic trancE 8/18/2019
Cyndi Corkran Atmospheric! 8/18/2019
Cyndi Corkran Production Originality 8/18/2019
Cyndi Corkran N.Jones 8/18/2019
Cyndi Corkran Edgy soundtrack 8/18/2019
Cyndi Corkran Protilius 8/18/2019
Cyndi Corkran Electronica dance 8/18/2019
Cyndi Corkran What the Funk? 8/18/2019

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