Awakenings (2011)

Song Length 2:48 Genre Electronic - Ambient

Really nice grove!

This track has a wonderful, foreboding feeling, which is nicely created with a creeping bassline and minor chords. There is effective use of filtered vocals, which give it a more human touch. Brilliant, gritty drum loops, too. Very balanced mix. This would definitely complement a dark scene in a movie or on TV.

Music N.Jones Producer N.Jones
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Cyndi Corkran Songs of mystery & beauty 6/17/2014
Cyndi Corkran Protilius 6/17/2014
Cyndi Corkran Electronica dance 6/17/2014
Cyndi Corkran Beautiful soundtracks 6/17/2014
nitetide Epic Soundscapes 8/21/2013

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