An Evil Within (2015)

Song Description

A soundtrack for Horror and Science Fiction... Evil revealed in the last minutes.

Song Length 9:05 Genre Electronic - Experimental, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Mood Disturbed, Miserable
Subject Murder, Rape, Crime, Theft Similar Artists Trent Reznor
Language No Language Era 2000 and later

This is a great example of tension building soundtrack music with many variations, and some classical overtones and moods mixed in to the over feel. This track would most likely be cut into sections and edited throughout a film or TV/Netflix score for a science fiction or thriller show. I really like this piece of music.

Lisa Kudrow in "Friends" and myself, have something in common - we both fell asleep at a Spinal Tap concert. So, I guess, my taste in music is different than most folks. That being said, I was definitely awake for this thrilling and intoxicating electronic experimental composition. I can see many of my playlists that would like this. I like to play this kind of music when I have that 8 hour stint, chopping vegetables for the day crew. Night after night, hour after hour, all I do is chop vegetables. It's maddening! This music in my headphones and I can do it! This music would also be excellent for chowing down madly on a big cheeseburger - how do I know this? Because I just went yummy time with a cheeseburger while I was listening to this and I was caught up in savory beef, haunting toasty breadness and sultry cheeses. The nuns at the parish might like this too, because I know Ms. Edith is hot for this kind of stuff.

Music N.Jones Producer N.Jones
Performance N.Jones

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