A Return to Primal: Chapter I, You can't go home again

Story Behind The Song

The first chapter of the story explores the ideas of inner guilt, drug usage, emotional unavailability, emotional co-dependancy, sexual promiscuity, more drug usage, lieing to yourself, lieing to others, pride, setting boundaries, wrongful expectations, metaphysical hallucinations, family, being threatened, rationalization of immoral behavior, disassociation from personal behavior.

Song Description

***Explicit Content*** The opening stage of the story seen through the main character's eyes, previously introduced in the Prelude, he will begin a transformation as his mind and thought processes evolve over a series of unpredictable events.

Song Length 40:31 Genre Spoken Word - Experimental, Spoken Word - Experimental
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Passive, Adorable Subject Life, Drugs
Language English Era 2000 and later


A Return to Primal: Chapter 1

Written and narrated by Nathaniel Jones

Soundtrack Provided by Protilius Productions

As always your work is amazing, different, unusual, fantastic, interesting and sometimes a bit scary! Im a fan what can I say?
Now this is ART.

Lyrics Written by Nathaniel Jones Music Protilius Productions
Producer N.Jones Performance Narrated by N.Jones
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