Story Behind The Song

The song started off as nothing more than a pun on a piece of paper. "Allison ponders a man named Mose." It refers to a very cool jazz singer named Mose Allison. Then the pun mutates into a bunch of Moses stuff, the burning bush up on a mountain (Mt. Sina

Song Description

GENRE: ELECTRO-FOLK, ELECTRONICA An electronica semi-reggae groove song about the difficulties of finding love.

Song Length 4:33 Genre Pop - Alternative, Electronic - Acid
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool Subject Searching for Love, General
Similar Artists Sade, Steely Dan Language English
Era 2000 and later


©2003 Polar Levine--Sine Language Music/BMI

Allison ponders a man named Mose
He's up on a mountain with his bush a-burnin'
Was he sucking on Yvonne's toes?
While girl sits home all toss and turnin'
Cold compress and a dose of religion
A yen to confess what's in her bones
Shoppin' for shoes in lieu of livin'
Then bolt the door and get on with jones
Stairwell dank in the cold of summer
Love is hard
No love's a bummer
I know

CHORUS: Love is hard... lovelorn
Love is hard ... shopworn
Got to slow down.
Got to slow down
Slow down
To get born

Moses suits up, shoots up the fast lane
Swims upstream in digital pool
Knocking down pussy like lines of cocaine
A gut full of gimme and a mouth full of drool
Sweet sixteen in the neighbor's yard
Someone else's buns in the oven
Mo is whackin' the doggie hard
Twenty times two but no real lovin'
Love is hard where the fun is easy
Heart gets tired while the nose gets greasy
I know

CHORUS: Love is hard... lovelorn
Love is hard ... shopworn
Got to slow down.
Got to slow down
Slow down
To get born

Lyrics Polar Levine Music Polar Levine
Producer Polar Levine Publisher Sine Language Music/BMI
Performance Polarity/1 Label subTEKst Records

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