Folk Songs Song

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Lyric about the importance and potentiality of music

Song Length 4:04 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Rural
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Tranquil, Gracious Subject General, Communication
Similar Artists Suzanne Vega, Bob Dylan Language English
Era 2000 and later


Folk songs can tell us tales about the times we live
And help remind us of what's passed
To our sons we can leave some signs
So like our fathers we might last

Folk songs can help to light injustices and fights
And everybody has their song
For minds alike it's a place to embrace
Unite your right and face your wrong

And so I'll

Try to sing some songs about this place which I belong
Taste my blood and then I'll let it bleed
I'm warm here with my fire and with my truth I'll share my wine
So come join me

Folk songs will only die if we've nothing left to say
And all our songs are sung by whores
Perhaps I'm dazed by the electric sun
But kings don't care while dollars call

And so we'll

Try to sing some songs about this place which we belong
Taste our blood and then we'll let it bleed
We're warm here with our fire and with our truth we'll share our wine
So come join us

Folk songs won't change the world but some stories should be told
And it's for this we'll sings these songs

Lyrics Ian George Plunkett Music Ian George Plunkett, Lara Bartocci
Producer Ian George Plunkett, Lara Bartocci
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