L&C Eternally

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something a little different--a rock song with a tuba solo! When I was recording this song with my Starfire XII electric 12 string, I just felt it was crying out for a tuba solo (which would be about the biggest possible contrast for the chime of a 12 string). Luckily, Ben Jaeger, the amazing guitarist for the Madison, WI band Sunspot--is also a tuba virtuoso, and he agreed to take this on. "L&C Eternally" is about Lonnie and Chloe, who grow up on adjacent farms in southern Wisconsin. (In fact, the whole new album is about them.) The main guitar I play on this is my 1966 Guild Starfire XII, my choice for the best electric 12 ever built. The Starfire is helped by my Gretsch 2420. lyrics

Song Length 3:20 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


She wakes on a Sunday and she don't know
if she wants to be a person dreaming.
She don't want it and she don't go
down to where all the folks are meeting.

She goes down to Lonnie's farm,
wakes him with a soft punch on his arm
She smiles at him--is she in love?

He puts on the coffee and rubs his eyes,
tells her she's a pain while he cooks the bacon.
She says cut the crap while she serves the eggs--
says they could be already out there fishing.

He smothers her toast with strawberry jam,
feeds her a morsel quick as he can.
He smiles at her--is he in love?

They don't take it all the way.
They don't think about it anyway.
When they're walking in the woods,
they know they're living like they should.

Lonnie and Chloe are sitting in a tree--
That's the jump-rope song they sang
playing in the schoolyard before the bell rang.
"L & C Eternally"--
that's what Lonnie carved upon a tree,
and Chloe said, "Now we're in Love!"

Lyrics Timothy Walsh Music Timothy Walsh
Producer Timothy Walsh Publisher Timothy Walsh
Performance Timothy Walsh with Ben Jaeger (Tuba)
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