Lonnie and Chloe

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This song is about the idyllic early life of Lonnie and Chloe, who grow up on adjacent farms on the edge of the Driftless Region in southern Wisconsin. Playing their guitars in an abandoned railroad tunnel for the natural reverb, cruising the eerily deserted streets of Wisconsin towns during a Packers game, fishing in the willow shade with a six-pack cooling in the stream.... Main guitars on this are a Gretsch 2420 and a Gretsch 5422T. They are helped by a '78 Guild S-60 and a Gretsch 2622TG....so, yeah, another Gretsch song!

Song Length 4:40 Genre Rock - Americana, Rock - Classic
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Lonnie and Chloe were lovers.
They grew up far from town.
Harvesting corn or milking cows
they never let each other down.

They taught themselves the guitar, playing in the barn.
They formed a band and always jammed
and liked to raise the roof on the farm.

Pre-Chorus: Playing guitars in the railroad tunnel
in the woods so wild--
that drenching reverb always made them smile.

Riding their bicycles downtown, circling round the Boar's Nest
where all the Dads sat watching the Packers
nursing a beer and a bump with the best.

Fishing under the willows, beers cooling in the stream,
the dragonflies, then fireflies
made it seem like something in a dream.


Chorus: Chloe's kicking higher swinging from the old oak tree.
Lonnie nibbles grass--says it's all right.
Chloe's kicking higher--says it's so she can see.
Lonnie tunes his Gretsch so they can play all through the night.

Talking about this I just don't think that you should know
exactly what Lonnie and Chloe were doing on the day of the show.

They set the stage up downtown, blocked off all Main Street.
They never knew all the things they'd do,
but Chloe winked and said let's be indiscreet.

Pre-Chorus & Chorus

Lyrics Timothy Walsh Music Timothy Walsh
Producer Timothy Walsh Publisher Timothy Walsh
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