Shelter for Your Soul

Song Description

featuring the wonderful Wendy Lynn Staats on violin. Main guitars are my Gretsch 2420 hollowbody and my '66 Guild Starfire XII.

Song Length 4:18 Genre Folk - Rock, Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


We don't say words that we don't know.
I can't believe that you must go.
I understand you're hurting now but you have got to realize
we never signed up for this show.

I'm hoping you can find your way to someplace whole--
find a little shelter for your soul.

We were so young when we first met.
Your eyes could light the world on fire.
You were so wild even then I knew that someday you'd be gone,
and that just stoked up our desire.


I can't take you there I know.
I was hoping baby that you wouldn't go.
Now I lie awake through the night
remembering all our days together--I see you in the pale blue light.

Now I'm sitting by the fire,
feeling low as a flat tire.
I wonder if you're working now or if you're shacked up with some guy
a lonely rose among the briars.

Lyrics Timothy Walsh Music Timothy Walsh
Producer Timothy Walsh Publisher Timothy Walsh
Performance Timothy Walsh, Wendy Lynn Staats
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