The Other Side

Story Behind The Song

After my mom passed, these thoughts always coursed through my mind

Song Description

wondering about the unknown. what will heaven be like?

Song Length 3:49 Genre Country - Contemporary, New Age - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Welcoming Subject Spirituality, Existence
Similar Artists The Carpenters, Martina McBride Language English
Era 2000 and later


(V) Where do we go from here? What will become of our destiny? How do we find what we're looking for? Should we just stay behind, or walk through that door? So give me a sign and I'll take it. If you believe in your heart you will make it. It takes one step at a time into that beautiful light. There's no need to worry, cuz you'll be all right.
(C) Now your on your highway to heavens gate. You've lived and honest life so don't be late. Can you feel your wings are spreading wide. It's a beautiful day, on the other side...(Break) (C)
(Bridge) So don't you worry of who you've left behind, because there's something for your piece of mind.
(V) We'll be together again someday. They'll be no sickness or enemies. We'll all be healthy and young again. You never know just when your time will end.

Beautiful voice

sounds great!

Love the vocals nice very shania twain chrisse hynde

I love the voice and got startled at first thinking Karen Carpenter was back. Nice message song and uplifting lyrics. Very accomplished acoustic guitar work also.

Loved the intro! Great vocals and song subject! Really enjoyed the overall arrangement

Good vocal performance and I enjoy the harmonies.

Nice harmonies. Comforting.

Nice song; vocal, instrumentation and arrangement.

The lyrics are beautiful and bittersweet! I like the ending...

Good song, sung well. While I would have liked to hear the chord progression in the song, it all comes down to a creative decision and that decision ultimately worked for the song.
Great vocal tone by the way...

Very nice vocal line. A few unexpected chord changes as well. Nice touch.

Lyrics Shelly Shelton Music Paul Trinkle
Producer Paul Trinkle Performance Shelly Shelton, Paul Trinkle

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