Mama Was A Beauty

Story Behind The Song

This song was a hard one to write, yet very therapeutic. My beautiful mom had been very busy in her pursuit of happiness, just never found it.

Song Description

A beautiful divorced mother, who moves from one man to the next.

Song Length 3:47 Genre Country - Alternative, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Disturbed, Heartbreaking Subject Bad Love, Mother
Similar Artists Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert Language English
Era 2000 and later


(V1)Mama she was a beauty... Papa he was the fool... Mama she played him like a violin then, took him to school... left him out with nothing... He died a drinking man. She moved us right in with the next guy...That's how my life began! (V2) Well, my mama never liked to be alone...she loved to be wined and dined, and when a gentleman walked her to her door, it always meant a real good time...Can you hear what I'm saying? Mama she liked to play! I could hear them creeping up the stairs like I didn't know, and see him sneaking out the next day. (Break) (C) You can't satisfy a woman like her...when she's done, she'll kick you to the curb...But if you give her what she wants, she'll be real nice...just know that happiness with her, comes with a price! (Break) (V3) Now I'm all grown up and my mama's gone, how she lingers in my head...bout the things I'd learned when I was young, how to lose a man instead of growing old with someone special, who'd love you til you die...What a shame mama never felt that kind of love, her heart was so,deprived! (Chorus) Mama she was a beauty...

THere is always a lot to like with a hooky riff and subject matter off the top 100 charts.

Nice Vocals! She can sing...good riff, tight playing

OH WOW!--AMAZING good tune!--I LOVE IT!--love that music--great lyrics--singing etc...i could listen to this a few more times--love that GUITAR--thanxs--cheers--joe.


I like it. A feel like "Fancy" Good vocal style.

Good vocal. Not a contemporary country song.

Lyrics Shelly Shelton Music Paul Trinkle
Producer Paul Trinkle / Shelly Shelton Performance Shelly Shelton / Paul Trinkle
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NashvilleJoe NJ's FAVES--songs i like a lot ! 5/22/2013

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