So Many Prayers

Story Behind The Song

My ex!!!!!!!!!

Song Description

Finally finding your true love!!!

Song Length 3:07 Genre Country - Contemporary, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Endearing Subject Happiness, Love a Married Person
Similar Artists George Strait, Diamond Rio Language English
Era 2000 and later


A: For once in my life.
All the pieces are fitting rite.
I can tell you with sheer delight, my love.
That I'm doing alright!
Our live's we will share.
And I'll cradle your love with care.
Through the good times and through despair I know, you'll always be there.

B: So many prayers I have offered. So many prayers have I Abused!
I thought I used them all until the day I met you!

A: No words can express my contentment and happiness.
Your compassion and tenderness is shown with each gentle carress.

C: Oh, a cool summer breeze.
Moonlight dancing on silver streams.
Now my heart feels like every day is spring!
Funny what love can bring!

B: So many prayers I have offered. So many prayers had I abused. I thought I used them all untill the day that I met you!



Good theme that was well dealt with. Some nice sections and I can see what the original intention of the song was.

love the voice,, well played also

Classic song structure and well written piece. The overall style of this song is enjoyable.

Lyrics Paul Trinkle Music Paul Trinkle
Producer Paul Trinkle Performance Paul Trinkle

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