Is It Christmas?

Story Behind The Song

Thinking about the homeless at Christmas out in the cold like Jesus was

Song Description

Late night traveler discovers a homeless man on Christmas eve out in the cold and takes cares of him. He realizes he is like the homeless man on Christmas eve before Jesus came to save him

Song Length 3:45 Genre Unique - Holiday, Country - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Serene Subject Miracles, Spirituality
Similar Artists Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant Language English
Era 2000 and later


Is It Christmas?

(Oh come all ye faithful)

I was driving home on Christmas eve
The snow was falling down
Everything was quiet in this sleepy little town

You should have seen the decorations
Lighting up the square
As I stopped to make a turn
I saw somebody sleeping there

I hoped that I was not too late
As I pulled the newspaper off his face
He sat right up and looked at me and said

Is it Christmas? Is it Christmas?
Is it Christmas? Did you come to rescue me?
Is it Christmas? Is it Christmas?
Will you save my life tonight. Thanks for loving me.

I got him to my truck and turned the heater on
We found an all-night diner and ordered something warm
We sat and talked for hours. He was sure that he was dead
He lost his job and his family. The park bench was his bed.

He looked me in the eye and we both broke down and cried
Then he smiled and said these words again

You saved my life tonight, Thanks for loving me

I helped him to a taxi and watched them drive away
Then I caught a glimpse of the manger scene next to Santa and his sleigh
As I looked into that baby's eyes, suddenly I realized
The words that homeless man had said to me

And then I said...

You saved my life that night, Thanks for loving me
(Oh, come all ye faithful)

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