When The Stars Went Dancing With The Moon

Song Description

One party falling out of love

Song Length 3:41 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Country - Contemporary
Mood Heartbreaking, Gloomy Subject Breaking Up, Lost Love
Language English


Words & Music by Pat Flanakin

Baby, I remember your smilin' face
When I first said I love you
How your heart came shinin' through

And when we kissed, the stars all out in space
They went dancing with the moon
Like a fairy tale's come true

When we lie together in love's embrace
There was nothing I wouldn't do
To make them all a gift for you

CHORUS A How I want to touch your gentle body
But I know that you'd just push me away
And I don't know what to do
To find the love that we once knew
On the night I first said I love you
When all the stars were dancing with the moon

Now we seldom have words to say
I can pass you in the hall
You won't look at me at all

I can feel inside me you're slippin' away
And there's nothing I can do
Just hide this pain from you

CHORUS B How I want to touch your gentle body
But I know that you'd just push me away
And I don't know what to do
To find the love that we once knew
On the night I first said I love you
And all the stars were dancing with the moon



This a lovely song, great vocals, lyrics and melody. The production is relaxing.

Lyrics Pat Flanakin Music Pat Flanakin
Producer Pat Flanakin Publisher Pat Flanakin/BMI
Performance James Greathouse
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