Needless to Say (feat. Pete Miser) (Radio Edit)

Song Length 4:24 Genre Electronic - Drum N' Bass, Electronic - Breakbeat
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed Subject Change
Similar Artists The Beach Boys, The Chemical Brothers Language English
Era 2000 and later


The behavior of the politician?s has at times
Been rather weird
And they do things that are not acceptable

I got a headache this big and it got me twisted
To the point that I wish it would put me out of my misery
If everyday ish that we got to live with
Then I?ma spit hits that change up history
Dig it

Them folks know - you?re tellin? em jokes, yo
Sellin? ?em hope nobody ever could afford
Oh Lord
Them popos be tightening choke-holds
Frightening locals in front of their own front doors
And if I could look in the future to see change
I bet I?d see the conditions are all the same
And if I do as I?m told and shut my mouth,
Needless to say we?re assed out

Needless to say
Everything here ain?t A-OK
Know what, I got ish to say when 5-0 start looking my way

Needless to say
Everybody got their rent to pay
But we gotta make a dent today,
Let the world know we don?t play

I got a fistful of high hopes
And my feet on the tightrope
But it?s slippery like soap
But I bet that I don?t fall
Call you out on the last hope
Keepin? your eyes closed while the innocent die slow
So you can have it all

Stall and front while you play games and I ain?t gonna say names
Cuz no one can lay blame on a faceless corporation
Making dough off the chain gang
While poor people maintain a lifestyle of pain, shame and neglect within this nation
And if you look past the ads and at the actions
I bet you find that the Nikes have lost traction
And if you do as your told and just deal with it
Needless to say
Your ass blew it.

Mash up lyrics

Needless to say
Everybody got their rent to pay
But we gotta make a dent today,
Let the world know we don?t play

Lyrics Pete Ho Music Robert Betts
Producer Robert Betts Publisher Helmutplex Publishing
Performance Robert Betts Label Helmutplex Industries
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