Think it Through (feat. Pete Miser)

Song Length 4:37 Genre Electronic - Jungle, Electronic - Breakbeat
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Change Similar Artists Beastie Boys, The Chemical Brothers
Language English Era 2000 and later


Yo, yo!
Yo, for those who don?t know
Pete Miser, pH10
Check it out!

Hey yo, yo!
It?s like this -

It takes skills
Anytime I flick on the switch
I bring skills
Touch down on the mic
I keep it tight with skills
Turn it up loud
Move the crowd with skills
Skills as we get up get up get down!

YO, it?s the Mister Miser on the mix
Down to twist your spine on like vinyl everytime I hit ya
Quick to rip tha right out of light fixtures
With the swiftness of a camera shutter takin? pictures
If the scene seems right I?ll drop the bomb
Leave the crowd sayin? HO, 2 hours past when I?m gone
Let?s get it on like Marvin starving artists
Carving carbon copies up with what?s between the margins
Starting this minute the game I?m up in it
The name you can?t (blank) with it don?t even spit it exhibit the skills
Committed to Bill
When I?m hit with the real
Come with that ish that you feel, man
Isn?t it ill?

Got a tight flow
That might go off like psychos
Who write flows
With the right prose
Lightbulbs lightin? up in my brain
Got me fightin? off fame
The young guns on the mic make me tighten my game

I know you and I know what you gonna do
Before you even think it through
So why don?t you just chill out man, chill out man?
Look, yo.


Get up get up get down down?

Pete Miser, pH10
Back in the mix again
Don?t care who we offend
It don?t matter if you?re foe or friend
Come through with a pen in hand
Take a stand like Sly and the Family Stone
Back to the bone, the zone
We cut this mother(blank) song
Known for the phat ish that gets you high like a crackhead
Dirty like George Bush campaign tactics

The map with a stack
Brutally graphic raps
Got tags in the back of a cab
With a can and a fat cat

Uh oh, my so fly 5-0 just rolled by
Jedi mind tricks I?m flippin? the bird
Even though they know I?m wanted in five states
For the increase in crime rates and indecent acts with domestic cats and rare primates

God, damn I got issues
Cry me a box of tissues
I?ll do anything for the fame and power
That I?m about to misuse
Hit you when you least expect it
Better be protected
Ain?t no hiding when me and Recone connect it


Get up get up get down down?

Lyrics Pete Miser Music Recone Helmut
Producer Recone Helmut Publisher Helmutplex Publishing, ASCAP
Performance Recone Helmut, Pete Miser Label Helmutplex Records
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