incredible (feat. DJ P3096)

Song Length 3:57 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Language English Era 2000 and later


one verse blast
physics of the math
they counteract reactions and pain from the staff
this mic is my weapon
with threats of injection
got whole camps up in arms they half stepping
so listen to me close
and feel the dose
while i?m reaching for the rhyme but you think i got the toast
funny style chumps get lumps
i got jokes
for these folks with no hopes
but most become roast
im daunting articulate
phonic sick etiquette
the medicine of predicate
verse volley delegate
cold flow infinite
parker still killin it
colonize minds with the force if them feelin it


the incredible
rhyme animal
fully intellectual son of a king and soul plentiful
i touch a mic with a cord in my hand
to command and understand
empirical plans
that nigga?s not ready
when i speak they breath heavy
get caught in a paradox
move but stay steady?
boxed in a box they box to box in
it?s rocks and liquor shots among the toxins
they locked it
with no keys no options
these ghetto manifested written doctrines
it?s plain math to me and you what shocks them
the cycle settin the trend y?all
from back then
so get FREE
yeah, but only if you let me
but don?t be eager to pull and try to test me
i grab my peoples up and be out
so don?t forget me
but if i got to follow the path to lead
just let me be


my homonyms is bombing em
synonyms are killn em
your simpletons with similies
i?m metaphor efficiency
the verb vagabond
these words addin on
to the legacy left
lyrically latching on
i?m just passing on
Mr. Parker rappin on
cats stay nappin on the skill grab a bag of charm
i?m guilty with a red hand, plus a tattooed arm
caused the lack of calm
i dropped the bomb
and then i scattered on
strap it on before the passions on
back scratchin on
fat ass slap clap and gone
we slap daps
cue the D.A.T
and move the package on
leave no clue to how we do to keep the patent on
mainstream audience put the average on
and listen to you all night like you had a bomb
it?s GoBots vs Decepticons
thinking your potential strong
get swarmed
surrender like a lack of arms

Lyrics (L. Nguyuza, D. Wainwright) Music (A. Konkol, A. Sleator, D. Wainwright)
Producer (A. Konkol, L. Nguyuza, D. Wainwright) Label Inatty Records
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