dumate write

Song Length 2:55 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


dumate writes to write what dumate writes
dumate lights, caught in your pixel device
shit?ll suffice
cause everything is given a price
sinful advice, is tied with nimble insight
skillful and shyest
i thrice what you struggle for twice
you fumble and write
recover way under the mic
i push deep into the clouds
for the thunder to strike
pass me the mic
we?ll exercise dumate?s might
dumate might,
just be the ride of your life
the stealth bomber carries 6 mobilize in the night
it?s agenda revolution and music is site
stand behind the power us and i dare u to bite
so rewrite what you know if u thought it was tight
and invite who you know cause the gods is nice
we blessed with art ridiculous
elephant height
who dares to foe beware the menacing type


dumate writes to write what dumate writes
its dumate?s right to write what dumate likes
dumate writes to write what dumate writes
it?s dumate?s rites to write what dumate likes
dumate writes to write what dumate writes it?s dumate?s rite to write what dumate likes
pronounced (doo-mah-tay)

music we raise arms levitate
get over hate
fake eliminate
(but)only in righteousness litigate
feather weights
hardly pose a threat in debate
so get it straight
we rate beyond moderate
compilate music with messages intricate
careless cats can?t conjugate
we oscillate
this to the fans thought penetrate
cause the that green leaf sintilates
big intake
hold an chill
lungs insulate
we now ready for war my team infiltrates
shook ones settle for poor with no real estate


spark up a fatty
and add this pad clad to your caddy
you slappy
i?m nappy
trap me
and you?ll catch me unhappy
the rhythms nasty
i?m passed the
phobic classy
who attach me
to unreasonable rap sheets
they get me mad these extreme combaty
relax be
with inner self as the signal goes batty
so who?s your daddy
nigga parker plus natty
we carry
a battery
full of acid arm and audacity
call me crabby bitch Maryland gladly
had the
unlucky come at me
but they caught me on back beat
the pusher packs me
to the fiends who back me
tap me
then and ask me
to break em off something glassy
we bout to rack the infinity
at the
hoping to snap me
players get in line to harass me
you jibber jabby
i?m lyrical rally
keeping a tally
dumate nigga get at me like

Lyrics (L. Nguyuza) Music (A. Konkol, L. Nguyuza, D. Wainwright)
Label Inatty Records
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