hold on

Song Length 4:02 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, World - Reggae/Carribean
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Distressed Subject Worry
Similar Artists Bob Marley And The Wailers, Tribe Called Quest Language English
Era 2000 and later


sometimes I wonder if,
I can take the pressure
but I got to,
hold on!!
I go to
hold on
sometimes I wonder if
I can maintain
but I got to
hold on!!
I go to
hold on!!

stop the silence
the this life is a physical challenge
a real deep thought with a chemical imbalance
the pen pushes easier with subject pain
what remains therapeutic anybody in range
I hope you hear me
this shit is for you
a depiction of my life I lead my art through
bleed my heart to
inside a dark flu
congested and invested in life the hard truth
let me take a deep breath and just relax a bit
and stop writing these songs for the fun of it
it?s a heavy ass wall and I?m under it
mountains on top of my back but what becomes of it
stand strong
keep a knowledge of the angles
while my finger races through the page like a vandal
marking up diction divine
but the scandal is low to the ground steady biting at
my ankles
with my people beside we all ride
it?s rough
but hold on and keep up stride
cause together we some shit
why would we divide
multiplied by the same sun keeping up live, we hold


it?s like madness on the out looking insane
feel like somebody else is driving the brain
maintain with the flame that my family claims
but I?m out, burned out, wild suddenly tame
wild something in vain
please don?t say the name
remain chill
tears dry fast with the rain
I?m pilot of the aircraft over these plains
weed crops need not amplify the rain
intense but stay calm got my hand on the bomb
time ticks
rhyme sick plus a devilish charm
my shell is titanium
I get it from moms
stole my father?s good heart
mic still in my palm
most people don?t even know the half
I?m lost with the bright light beaming on the path
ink with my bloodline seeping out the staff
highways with weed pipes leaning on the dash
hold on


each word each phrase
stretched to the max
problems compound problems how do we relax
grinding but not finding
caught in these straps
medicated from the start son it?s time to relapse
niggas die
women raped
children without hope
fiends dope
mothers cope
sons caught in the rope
bush lies
babies cry and pushed to the side
business men enterprise
brothers droppin like flies
others look
cultures shook
his story in books
lost crews
crack carefully cooked
paid dues
fake news
power abused
government interludes
mind blowing a fuse
on and on the list goes
dawn till dawn
take a look inside yourself
don?t be alarmed
true peace lies deep
on a planet uncalm
press your mind up against the vibe and hold on


Lyrics (L. Nguyuza, D. Wainwright) Music (A. Konkol, D. Wainwright)
Producer dumate Performance (A. Konkol, L. Nguyuza, D. Wainwright)
Label Inatty Records
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