i'm back

Song Length 3:29 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Language English Era 2000 and later


i?m like DICE!!
roll em in life my toss nice
flame in the palm of my hands but land ice
flights into nights of priceless mic fights
knowledge under U.N.I. verse city (university) of mice
the black cat came back
attack this track
peter parker?s in your district
slap what?s wack
and leave a mark son is vicious
i?m trapped in facts
an need a change (from)
the same same average vat
of average rap
these niggas livin average@yahoo.com
i?m the
last poet MC No Nonsense
dissed by the brainless mass because i?m conscience?
war general
armed with charm to bomb sense
son of a warrior La the calm prince
roll in through your spot with the dark tint
we slide by slow like while my thoughts sprint


so, put your mics on the racks he?s back now
prepare for the rough
not enough
back down
you don?t even come close step back clown
cause you know that your shit is wack now

yeah he?s back
back in your zone
but what?s that
nobody?s safe anymore so fuck rap
i?m Hiphop
flesh and bones from all that
what?s left is monopoly combat fall back
captains, henchmen, ladies and gents
attention without mention
maybe he?s sent
my soliloquy
maybe to vent
it?s killin me what you did to she
Hiphop spent
cause i?m tired of liars and punks in choirs
sing the same song same acts for hire
dumate stomps weak elves expire
stay at the shire
clear from Mordor fire


so keep your eyes on the prize
remedy in guise
prophets unnamed
head sooth in your lives
i?ve come to save this
basic fake shit
secure the foundation
engage and shake it
it?s like
we baked it, but not smart enough to cake it
some niggas make it
but they never say shit
in a matrix
of mind control Nathans
Pavlov rings the bell and here they come salivating
i?m not judging
an no i?m not hatin
but lately
my patience runs thin cause i?m aging
i see myself incoming years time fading
debating containing
i voice pantings
dumate framing
shit?s been wild
the game will need taiming
i?m aiming with training
Lee Malvo precision
diligence is gaining
we need new decisions
i a vision from the changing times we?ve been given


Lyrics (L. Nguyuza, D. Wainwright) Music (A. Konkol, D. Wainwright)
Producer (A. Konkol, L. Nguyuza, D. Wainwright) Label Inatty Records
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