dudley pickles (Jayson Blare remix)

Song Length 4:23 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


i tried to warn these cats,
but listen to me they won?t
so don?t flaunt
behold the humble juggernaut in this jawnk
i want deep in this jawnk
no need to creep in this jawnk
cause most of ya?ll peepin this jawnk
be coming weak with your jawnks
i?ve spent my whole life sittin fiendin for the jawnk
tryin to put me on the map for releasin a jawnk
my Moco, Silver Spring influenced butter slang
just hover and BANG
from the top man it ain?t no thing
i?m classic blended like water and tang
regain strength from great feasts get up and do it again
this is my mission statement
we?re fisherman with shady bait?n
the laws you?ve observed in the past will soon be changing
seas of bullshit will shore itself, be patient
this message brought to you by the wall crawling secret agent
jo burg?s finest
i?m on some free your mind shit
intelligence erupted in thought
so keep rewinding
and listen real close
and listen real good
listen man, you still listening?
(yeah) good
cause it?s the last time i tell you
and then i have to belt you
you don?t stop lunching
for real niggas will melt you
the next might upset you
real music here to test you
be thankful Parker entered the scene was meant to bless you
Dudley Pickles nizzle
hard top to soft shell
all the same putting season in the game get it twisted
home of the fattest crab cakes and fish biscuits
here to get lifted the one and only gifted


Dudley Pickles nizzle
hardtop to soft shell
all the same putting season in the game get it twisted
home of the fates crab cakes and fish biscuits
here to get lifted the one and only gifted

they him call peter parker wall crawlin
Dudley Pickles odd ballin
lost my concentration over gravity we all fallin
i?m raw doggin
caught up in the smog foggin
up the window
with indo
and puffin bobs coughin
the last time you heard a DCa nigga
just tap the microphone to serve it cold and leave you shook up
a terp with turtle power shell shots for on lookers
walked passed my future wife in Adam?s Morgan
should have booked her
she smiled i?m drunk
we move like monks
and smoke, buddah from the west
or that O Street skunk
they say NY be the spot for Hiphop with a thump
but them Bamahs not privy to this Maryland funk
we unseen and unheard from Baltimore to Silver Spring
the east coast conference champs looking for the title ring
i won?t stop reppin till i?m crowned and titled king!
cause i?m arrogant as fuck but you that?s another thing


Maryland! home of the Terps crabs and Redline trains
Skins fans Raven lovers black people with gain
Dalinkwent, Madness, Tshirts and things
Go-go banned in the District for violent shames
but enough of the game
it?s time for the pain
it?s time for the reign
Big Parker baby, done it again
prepare the prisoners for suffering
heading and flames
wack emcee executions
starts 11:00 and change
i?m not sure what they holding so they better be game
line them up
over there on their knees in the rain
gather up the soldiers
await my orders be tame
cause first i wanna do some surgery to their brains
strip the platinum
and cease all ice on necks
in their home
while they sleep
pull them right from their rest
open public demonstration at the governors deck
children welcome
infants suckling the breast
congregate behold the catalyst
situation analyst
deep thought miraculous
danger for all amateur
syllables in packages
marked extreme hazardous
the Silver Spring serpentine
daring you to snap like this


Lyrics (L. Nguyuza) Music (P. Hettiger)
Producer (P. Hettiger) Performance (P. Hettiger, A. Konkol, L. Nguyuza)
Label Inatty Records
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Clean Clean

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