The Unfolding Serenade (MOTS exclusive)

Song Description

A medieval painting, with Lady Guenevere at the top of her dungeon, waiting for her knight to come back once for all. Solo instruments (violin & flute) performed at the wind instrument (EWI) Yamaha WX5.

Song Length 3:50 Genre Classical - Medieval
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Subject Regret

This is very original. I like the utilization of the cello, violin, and other stringed instruments in the melancholy melodic construct. The acoustic guitar is very lovely at the opening. I think that this composition could readily cross categorize into other genres beyond medieval. I find the waltz tempo very effective.

Music Thierry Coupey Producer Thierry Coupey
Publisher Thierry Coupey Performance Thierry Coupey
Label Thierry Coupey

The Unfolding Serenade

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