Tierra de Sangre Azul

Pour Arriver à m'Aimer

Dystopian Calls

A New Horizon (crossover remix 2021)

The Rush Hour

As Time Goes By

Le Sang Bleu (feat. March Larch)

I Don't Want To Grow Old


The Soul of a Hero

Time Lapse of my chalk drawing

Passport for the Sanctuary (concerto in E minor for Cello & Piano)

De Lumière et de Sève

Le Sursis (Three Months)

Les Sens Uniques (french version of One Way Phobia)

She Sings in A Major

The Sticky Notes

The Unfolding Serenade

Gang de Moutons

l Erreur est Humaine

A New Horizon

Gemini's Lights

Jean Michel Jarre at Bell Center - Montreal May 2017

Give It All ** HipHop **

Morning Dew in Botswana

J ai Tout Compris

Tiny Warrior (Love will fill my Heart)


Playing the EWI at Xmas time....


Farewell to my Baby Grand Piano

Borealis (music bed) on Super Moon Nov 2016

1, 2, 3...

Aftermath, Sports You, and We Will Support You !

She Sings in A Major

Ave Maria de la Plaine

Tout Seul Dans La Forêt

The Butterfly Ballet in C# minor

Summer Fun

Sean Làmh

Le Sang Bleu

Nota Bene animation

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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