Hill Bill's Blues

Song Description

My mental image in coming up with this layered guitar and violin instrumental, was a single guitar player composing a simple tune while relaxing on his porch. The tune was heard by another player (who joined in), then another, then another..... As the players were added the tune gained in energy and speed and complexity.

Song Length 3:06 Genre Blues - Rural, Country - Bluegrass
Tempo Multiple Tempos Subject Energy, Fun

Nicely done piece with a very relaxing feel to it and a very smooth flow. Nice instrumentation and arrangement.

Very interesting guitar piece here. With a little fiddle thrown in. I enjoyed this very much

Like the simplicity or the sound of it as the guitarist picked away. The mix was pretty good. It could be me but there seemed to be a speeding up which very well might have been intentional. The song seemed to have a back porch feel which I liked.

Great instrumental! The first thing I noticed is how IN TUNE all the players sound, and how they really knew what they were doing in this song. If they were jamming, they sure fooled me. I love the way it starts out simple. Then it speeds up and there's a break where it slows down with a welcome changeup before the ending. Nice mix, expertly done. The guitars sound great and the fiddle playing is subtle, but fantastic. This song really does have a nice rural, bluesy feel.

I see where you are going-----sounds a lot like me in my early years--------just keep getting better

like the stop towards the end----good trick by the way----keep it interesting---your the Boss!

Nice! Recording is very good. Guitar work is well done, and it sure would sound even better with a full band behind ya! This can be used in a lot of different applications for sure!

Loved it! We get a clear finger-picking resonant guitar sound on an unassuming folky kind of groove. The blues structure is there but the players take a relaxed approach to the harmonies and the resulting dissonances give the piece a certain innocence. Effective use of silence towards the end.

Music Norb Studelska, Jr. Producer Rod Lisowski
Performance Guitars: Norb Studelska Violin:John Patek
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